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Table 1 Argumentation in example religious education syllabi in England

From: Argumentation and interdisciplinarity: reflections from the Oxford Argumentation in Religion and Science Project

Leicestershire County Council (2016)Oxfordshire County Council (2015)
“Engage pupils in systematic enquiry … .appraise varied responses to these questions, as well as develop their own responses” (p. 6)“… does not seek to impose [but to] question and explore their own and others’ understanding of life” (p. 10)
“interpret and evaluate texts, sources of wisdom and authority and over evidence” (p. 6)“formulate reasoned opinions/arguments in relation to controversial issues and truth” (p. 11)
“Explore and express insights … that are well-informed … using reasoning” (p. 70)“… develop their evaluative skills, showing reasoned and balanced viewpoints when considering their own and others’ responses” (p. 32)
“Give an account of God’s existence using a rational argument. Offer reasons as to why we do or do not need to prove God’s existence” (p. 74)“… respond sensitively and with reasoned argument to religious beliefs and concepts” (p. 34)