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Table 2 Examples of Concept Inventories (CIs) targeting different biological disciplines and topics

From: Biology education research: building integrative frameworks for teaching and learning about living systems

DisciplineTopicConcept InventoryCitation
Cell biologyMeiosisMCI: Meiosis Concept InventoryKalas, O’Neill, Pollock, and Birol (2013)
Cell biologyOsmosis and diffusionOsmosis and Diffusion Conceptual AssessmentFisher, Williams, and Lineback (2011)
PhysiologyHomeostasisHCI: Homeostasis Concept InventoryMcFarland, Price, Wenderoth, Martinková, and Cliff (2017)
PhysiologyPhotosynthesis and respirationUnnamed: Two-tier multiple-choice instrumentHaslam and Treagust (1987)
GeneticsVarious ideasGCA: Genetics Concept AssessmentSmith, Wood, and Knight (2008)
GeneticsDominanceDCI: Dominance Concept InventoryAbraham, Perez, and Price (2014)
GeneticsThe central dogmaCDCI: Central Dogma Concept InventoryNewman, Snyder, Fisk, and Wright (2016)
GeneticsLac OperonLOCI: Lac Operon Concept InventoryStefanski, Gardner, and Seipelt-Thiemann (2016)
EvolutionEvolutionary ChangeACORNS: Assessment of COntextual Reasoning about Natural SelectionNehm, Beggrow, Opfer, and Ha (2012)
EvolutionGenetic DriftGEDI: GEnetic Drift InventoryPrice et al. (2014)