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Table 4 Examples of cognitive psychology studies exploring biological reasoning in young children and related learning challenges in young adults

From: Biology education research: building integrative frameworks for teaching and learning about living systems

TopicCognitive and/or developmental psychology studyRelated studies from biology education research
Living and nonlivingOpfer and Siegler (2004)Driver et al. (1994)
InheritanceWare and Gelman (2014)Kargbo, Hobbs, and Erickson (1980)
InheritanceSolomon, Johnson, Zaitchik, and Carey (1996)Driver et al. (1994)
IllnessRaman & Winer (2002)Raman & Winer (2002)
IllnessAu, Sidle, and Rollins (1993)Driver et al. (1994)
EvolutionKelemen (2009)Kampourakis (2013)
AncestryPoling and Evans (2002)Catley and Novick (2009)