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Table 4 Coaching log reflective prompt

From: Missed expectations: teacher and coach tensions at the boundary of STEM integration in an elementary classroom

Pre-Coaching Session
 What will be the purpose of the meeting?
 Describe your goals for this session. What do you hope the teacher will get out of this meeting? What do you hope to get out of this meeting?
 What are the teacher’s current goals for their STEM integration efforts?
 What concerns or challenges do you anticipate going into this meeting?
 Describe, in detail, your plan for the upcoming meeting, including questions you plan to ask, protocols or other coaching resources you will use, and other plans you have to facilitate this teacher’s learning.
Pre-Coaching Session
 What was the purpose of the meeting?
 In 5–7 sentences, summarize the focus of the meeting.
 What was the key learning for you and the teacher?
 What do you want to remember for next time?
 Describe the coaching decisions you made. Why did you make these choices?
 What worked or didn’t work? What are some possible reasons for why things went the way they did?
 What will be your next steps in supporting this teacher’s learning?