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Table 5 Conceptual Categories Generated via Focused Coding

From: Missed expectations: teacher and coach tensions at the boundary of STEM integration in an elementary classroom

Category Name Brief Description Instrumental Initial Codesa
Sammy: Changes vs. Customs Expressed preferences for Sammy along with identified, potential changes that might threaten her instructional preferences. coaching customs, being accustomed to, project-related pressures for change
Sammy: Thinking About Students Bringing students into the discussion and considering how they impact teaching and learning STEM. engagement creates possibility, the negatives of being open-ended
Sammy: STEM Talking about what STEM is to her and how it impacts her instruction and students. making it work, students in STEM
Sammy: Resources for STEM Planning for and considering logistical aspects associated with STEM instruction. planning for action, worrying about materials
Sammy: Being Proactive Sammy’s willingness to enact change and improve her instruction and student learning in STEM. identifying an area for help, what had to happen, reaching out to peers
Nick: Role Confusion Nick’s uncertainty concerning his role with Sammy. Behaviors that wavered between directly helping her or simply withholding expertise. who has the expertise, providing an opinion, empathizing, letting Sammy decide
Nick: Commenting on Instruction Nick’s actions and behaviors that directly or implicitly indicated to Sammy she needed to make instructional changes. identifying expertise, apologizing, Sammy’s deficits
  1. aOnly select initial codes are listed here