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Table 1 Animal behavior (pill bug) laboratory scope and sequence

From: Graduate teaching assistants: sharing epistemic agency with non-science majors in the biology laboratory

Laboratory #1 Content: Students conducted a guided-inquiry lab on red worm behavior in response to phytochemicals.
Emphasis: Basic animal behavior experimentation techniques, data collection/analysis.
Laboratory #2 Content: Background information on pill bugs and hypotheses about pill bug aggregation behavior. Students worked in groups while reading scientific literature and proposed an experimental design.
Emphasis: Reading and using peer-reviewed scientific literature to support claims about pill bug aggregation behavior.
Laboratory #3 Content/practice: Students finalized their research design and implemented their experiment.
Emphasis: Implementing an experiment, data collection and analysis.
Laboratory #4 Content/practice: Scientific argumentation.
Emphasis: Sharing and critiquing of peer-generated scientific claims during an argumentation session. Students were to utilize counterclaims in preparation of a final laboratory report.