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Table 1 Topics taught and instruments used to measure conceptual change

From: ‘Even though it might take me a while, in the end, I understand it’: a longitudinal case study of interactions between a conceptual change strategy and student motivation, interest and confidence

Topic (Grade; No of TFA lessons) Instrument Source
Thermal Energy (9; 6) Thermal Concept Evaluation (TCE) (Yeo & Zadnik, 2001)
Electricity (9; 3) Evidence Based Practice in Science Education (Set 2) (EPSE-Set2) (Millar, 2002)
Newton’s Laws (10; 6) Force Concept Inventory (FCI) (Hestenes, Wells, & Swackhamer, 1992)
Genetics (10; 7) Scientific Reasoning in Genetics (SRG) (Tsui & Treagust, 2010)
Natural Selection (10; 3) Concept Inventory of Natural Selection (CINS) (Anderson, Fisher, & Norman, 2002)