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Table 5 Scale ʻSelf-efficacy in teaching biology’ (adapted from Bleicher, 2004)

From: Emotional experiences of secondary pre-service teachers conducting practical work in a science lab course: individual differences and prediction of teacher efficacy

Item Formulation:
sel1 I know the steps necessary to teaching scientific concepts effectively.
sel2 I will be very effective in supporting students’ science experiments.
sel4 I will typically be able to answer students’ science-related questions.
sel6 When presenting science experiments, I will usually welcome student questions.
sel8 The inadequacy of a student’s science background in biology can be overcome through good teaching.
  1. Response categories were as follows: (6 = absolutely agree, 5 = agree, 4 = somewhat agree, 3 = somewhat disagree, 2 = disagree, and 1 = absolutely disagree)