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Table 1 Instructional-team-member roles

From: A close look at change: the role of an instructional-team community on an Instructor’s evolution during instructional reform

Instructional-Team Member Role Description Semester 1: Fall Semester 2: Spring
Instructor Faculty member responsible for the planning, implementation, and assessment of student learning. Jay Jay/Jenny
Learning Assistants Undergraduate and graduate students who scaffold and support students’ learning by asking probing questions, pressing for in-depth explanations, guiding student thinking, etc. Lane, Peter Tay
Instructional Manager Undergraduate or graduate student who takes on classroom-management responsibilities (e.g., student group organizer, materials point-person). Jenny Sarah
Learning Researcher Undergraduate or graduate student who acts as a real-time observer of student thinking in the classroom by noticing patterns in student ideas and analyzing products of student work. Learning Researchers may also provide pre- or post-implementation feedback on instructional tasks. Sarah Albert
  1. Description of the roles and responsibilities of Jay’s instructional team members during the case-study period. These specialized roles are a central characteristic of the I-TP instructional-teams model (Kim et al., 2019)