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Table 2 Reflecting forward/planning conversations

From: Missed expectations: teacher and coach tensions at the boundary of STEM integration in an elementary classroom

a) Getting Started
 • Tell me about what you’re working on
 • What are some of your overarching goals with this unit?
 • What questions are you considering?
 • What would you like to see happen?
 • What are you most excited about?
 • What do you expect students will already know and be able to do?
 • What are some ways you can move this forward?
 • What will success look or feel like?
 • What will be some indicators that you are making progress?
b) Clarifying/Reflecting
 • So you’re thinking that …
 • You’re wondering if …
 • You’re concerned about …
 • So there are three issues here …
 • On the one hand … and on the other hand …
 • It’s important to you that …
 • An assumption you’re operating from is …
 • An example of what you’re talking about could be …
c) Re-Framing
 • What are some other ways of thinking about this?
 • Has this always been the case, or have there been times where things have been different?
 • What haven’t we considered yet?
 • Who else might we talk to about this idea?
 • What are your reasons for doing things this way? How might the outcome change if we did things a different way?
 • What are some alternative possibilities you haven’t considered yet?
 • Are there other resources we should take a look at?
d) Getting Specific
 • Which of the 2–3 ideas that you’ve mentioned would you like to try?
 • What data could you collect to measure your success?
 • How will you know what the students have learned?
 • What resources will you and students need to do this?
 • What will each group member need to contribute to move ahead?
 • Does what you are considering help students to meet the standards?
 • Where are we right now in the curriculum design process? Where do we go next?