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Table 2 Examples of intended implementation

From: Incorporating socioscientific issues into a STEM education course: exploring teacher use of argumentation in SSI and plans for classroom implementation

  Missing bees Droughts
Personal, social, and global contexts And not only that, but being in Delaware almost half my kids are farmers...if you eventually get a farm, you’re going to need to know how to pollinate” (Ms. Cooper). “Well, you know, I don’t think Delaware would have a problem with drought, but they could probably imagine that they’re a farmer,” followed by, “And if you have less rain, you have less produce yield. Therefore, what’s your profit gonna be?” (Ms. Cooper).
Scientific knowledge “On the whiteboard or Smartboard, create a web and put like honeybees and then do some causes and effects like what do they help, what is it hurting, and how does that affect and branch out? (Ms. Cooper). -No evidence